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      Depeng Jin

      Professor, Department Head /Party Secretary



      Rohm Building 9-303/5-305, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 100084, China.

      Depeng Jin

      I am a professor of Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University. My research focuses on communication and networking. My current interests are in the topics of software-defined networks, urban vehicular networks, Phy & Mac layer for 60 Ghz Communications, etc.

      For more Information, Please refer to our lab's page (FIB).


      说明: 说明: ball.gif?I am looking for highly motivated Ph.D, Master and SRT students who are interested in communication and networking areas. Please contact me or send me your CV if you are interested.

      说明: 说明: ball.gif?Our work "Multiple Mobile Data Offloading Through Disruption Tolerant Networks" has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing.

      说明: 说明: ball.gif?Our initial system work of "M2cloud: Software Defined Multi-site Data Center Network Control Framework for Multi-tenant" and "OpenRAN: A Software-defined RAN Architecture Via Virtualization" have been accepted by SIGCOMM 2013 as posters.

      Selected Publications

      1. Yong Li, Chaoming Song, Depeng Jin, Sheng Chen: A Dynamic Graph Optimization Framework for Multi-hop D2D Communication Underlaying Cellular Networks?IEEE Wireless Communications Accepted, Impact Factor 6.5.
      2. Chuanmeizi Wang, Yong Li, Depeng Jin: Mobility-Assisted Opportunistic Computation Offloading.?IEEE Communications Letters. Accepted
      3. Zhongjin Liu, Yong Li, Depeng Jin, et al: Enable Testing for Future Internet Architectures by Per-bit Customization. Computer Networks.
      4. Changming Zhang, Zhenyu Xiao, Bo Gao, Li Su, Depeng Jin: Power amplifier non-linearity treatment with distorted constellation estimation and demodulation for 60 GHz single-carrier frequency-domain equalisation transmission. ?IET Communications 8(3): 278-286 (2014).
      5. Zhenyu Xiao, Depeng Jin, Ning Ge: GLRT for Packet Detection With Practical Analog AGC. IEEE T. Vehicular Technology 63(4): 1749-1758 (2014).
      6. [TMC] Y. Li, M. Qian, Depeng Jin, P. Hui, Z. Wang, S. Chen: Multiple Mobile Data Offloading Through Disruption Tolerant Networks. To appear in?IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 20 May 2013
      7. [TMC] Y. Li, P. Hui, Depeng Jin, L. Su, L. Zeng, "Optimal Distributed Malware Defense in Mobile Networks with Heterogeneous Devices,"?To appear in?IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 13 Dec. 2012.
      8. [CL]?Y. Zhou, X. Yang, Yo. Li, Depeng Jin, L. Su, L. Zeng: Incremental Re-Embedding Scheme for Evolving Virtual Network Requests. IEEE Communications Letters 17(5): 1016-1019 (2013)
      9. 4. [SPL]?Y. Li, Depeng Jin, Z. Wang, Li. Zeng, S. Chen: Exponential and Power Law Distribution of Contact Duration in Urban Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks. IEEE Signal Process. Lett. 20(1): 110-113 (2013)
      10. [TWC]?Z. Xiao, C. Zhang, Depeng Jin, N. Ge: GLRT Approach for Robust Burst Packet Acquisition in Wireless Communications. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 12(3): 1127-1137 (2013)
      11. [TWC]?Y. Li, Z. Wang, Depeng Jin, L. Zeng, S. Chen: Collaborative Vehicular Content Dissemination with Directional Antennas. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 11(4): 1301-1306 (2012)
      12. [TVT]?Y. Li, Z. Wang, L. Su, Depeng Jin, S. Chen: An Optimal Relaying Scheme for Delay-Tolerant Networks With Heterogeneous Mobile Nodes. IEEE T. Vehicular Technology 62(5): 2239-2252 (2013)
      13. [CL]?Z. Xiao, Depeng Jin, L. Su, L. Zeng: Simplified Direct Search Method for Constrained Nonlinear Mixed-Integer Programming of Two-Dwell Serial Acquisition Schemes. IEEE Communications Letters 15(6): 674-676 (2011)
      14. [TVT]?Y. Li, G. Su, D. Wu, Depeng Jin, L. Su, L. Zeng: The Impact of Node Selfishness on Multicasting in Delay Tolerant Networks. IEEE T. Vehicular Technology 60(5): 2224-2238 (2011)
      15. [TVT]?Y. Li, Z. Wang, Depeng Jin, L. Su, L. Zeng, S. Chen: Optimal Beaconing Control for Epidemic Routing in Delay-Tolerant Networks. IEEE T. Vehicular Technology 61(1): 311-320 (2012)


      说明: 说明: ball.gif?Spring, 2006-2015: Principles of Modern Communication. (Undergradate Core Course)

      说明: 说明: ball.gif?Fall, 2001-2007: Electronic System Simulation and VHDL. (Graduate Course)