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      To Future Students

      We are looking for well-motivated Ph.D. students to do research in communication and networking field. Master and undergraduate students are also welcome to contact us to do SRT or other projects in our focused areas.



      Lieguang Zeng


      Depeng Jin


      Li Su

      Associate Professor

      Yong Li


      Manzoor Ahmed

      D2D Networks and MmWave 60GHz 5G Networks

      Ming Zeng

      Fog Computing Networks and Smart Grid

      Ph. D Students

      Yong Niu

      60 GHz Mac Layer Protocol Design

      Wei Feng

      60 GHz Communications

      Jiaqiang Liu

      Software-Defined Networks

      Yujie Liu

      SDN, NFV and Network Update Schemes

      Huan Yan

      Data-driven Networking and Big Data Mining

      Huandong Wang

      Mobile Big Data

      Xichen Wang

      Social Network and Big Data


      D2D Communication in Wireless Communication Networks

      Jingtao Ding

      Mobile Data Pricing and Cellular Traffic Modeling

      Fengli Xu

      User Behavior Modelling, Mobile Big Data Mining and Data Privacy

      Chen Gao

      Recommendation, Data Mining and Data Privacy

      Jie Feng

      Urban Computing and Big Data

      Hongzhi Shi

      Mobile Big Data Mining and Modeling

      Umber Saleem

      Fog Computing

      Muhammad Sheraz

      Caching, D2D Communications, Edge Computing and Machine Learning

      Dianlei Xu

      IoT Data Mining, Machine Learning and Edge Computing

      Shuodi Hui

      IoT and Cellular Traffic

      Guozhen Zhang

      Social computing, Social Network and Big Data Mining

      Liu Yu

      Big Data

      Zhenyu Han

      Recommender System, Graph Neural Network and User Behavior Modeling

      Yu Zheng

      Recommendation and Digital Marketing

      Zefang Zong

      Urban Computing and Data Mining

      Master Students

      Fan Xie

      Software-Defined Networks

      Hangyu Fan

      Software-Defined Networks and Cache

      Shaoran Xiao

      Software-Defined Networks

      Chi Kei Fong

      60 GHz Communications

      Zhen Tu

      Location Big Data

      Shoushuo Fang

      Software-Defined Networks

      Kai Zhao

      Privacy of Big Data

      Wei Zhao

      Software-Defined Networks

      Tong Xia

      Mobile Big Data

      Yu Ding

      MmWave Beam Management

      Zhenhua Wang

      IoT Data Mining

      Suhan Zhang

      Spatio-temporal Data Mining

      Xingmian Zhang

      Terahertz Communication

      Jianxin Chang

      RecSys and Spatio-Temporal Data

      Yukun Ping

      Time-Series Modeling and Big Data

      Jinghua Piao

      Social E-commerce and User Behavior Modelling

      Yuhan Quan

      Recommender System

      Fuxian Li

      Big Data Engineering, Data Mining and AI

      Yinfeng Li

      Data mining, Recommender system and Auto ML

      Tao Feng

      Data Mining

      Undergraduate Students