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      FIB - Short Introduction

      The Future Internet & communication laB (FIB) conducts research in various areas of networks and communications, with an emphasis on designing and innovating network infrastructure, wireless technologies, network protocols and applications. Our mission is to make contribution in the scope of future interent and communication through cutting-edge technologies and high-level research projects. Our projects span a large spectrum, including Software-Defined Networks, Wireless Mobile Networks and 60 GHz Communications.

      Mobile Big Data

      - Mobile Data Traffic Mining and Modeling
      - User Behavior Modelling

      Software-Defined Networks (SDN)

      - Research Topics include
      - SDN in Terms of Future Interent, DCN, Mobile Cellular Networks, etc.

      60 GHz Communications

      - Physical Layer Technologies for 60GHz.
      - Mac Layer Protocols design for 60GHz.

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